Stan Van Samang

Jo will be playing the summer tour of Stan Van Samang ,
Dates are available on the tour page!

Also Check out tickets for Lotto Arena!
for the 3th, 4th, 5th & 6th of October!
Almost Sold out!

More news to come!

JC Team


Jo has been talking and meeting with Harald from Doodad guitars
in Holland.

He will be playing on the new series of Doodad. The Les Paul model to start with.

Doodad started as a small guitar manufacturer in Holland somewhat 5 years ago.
Now the time has arrived for this brand to step up on the ladder of legend guitars

.Jo will be working with them closely this year!

More news to come!

Check out the doodad guitar site at www.doodadguitars.nl

JC Team

New up coming artists

Jo is currently working with a few young upcoming artists.Last couple of weeks and months have been nice with the songwriting sessions , for Nell and two new artists.
More news to come.

JC Team

Live-performances this summer

This year has been a year of teaching for Jo , demonstrating with the Roland Demo band, writing and playing with the Jo Cassiers trio. This summer of 2014, Jo will be performing a few gigs with Stan Van Samang and he will also be replacing Guitarist Eric Melaerts on numerous occasions on "The Stany Crets Knokke Contest".

More dates on solo-performances will be announced later this year.



Jo has recently finished the writing session for the coldplay "Bakteurs". These well known actors, Jan van Looveren and Peter Thyssen are shining in their new coldplay. Humor and teardrops. A story about two bakery sons, who wanne become actors. Jo wrote the music and gave it a folky Irish flavor.

The play performances will start October 1st.

For more news on the shows.
Visit the Tour page and check out gigs.


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